A Digital Board Game by Studio Wumpus

We were created to serve the gods, but who among us will rule? Grow barley, make pots, and bring your goats to market—then sacrifice it all to win the favor of the gods!

Sumer is a cutthroat digital board game about four Sumerian nobles engaged in the political game of worship. Action meets strategy in this raw struggle for power set at the dawn of civilization.


A trailer demoing what it's like to play Sumer.

Designer Sig from Studio Wumpus walks us through the basics of playing Sumer, a new real-time digital board game for Mac and PC [2015]


Sumer takes the best parts of board games and the best parts of videogames…
and adds the best parts of bankrupting your friends and stealing their land.
— Bennett Foddy, designer of QWOP
Fun, snappy, smartly-designed stuff.
— Matt Lees, Shut Up & Sit Down
A beautiful meld of board game and video game, the designers of Sumer are blending the strengths of both mediums to create new and fantastically fun ways of play.
— Noam Strassfeld, MegaGame Society President



Who we are

Sumer was designed by Misha Favorov, Sig Gunnarsson, Josh Raab and Geoffrey Suthers.

Art by Adam Alexander and Jet Landis.

Music by Neil Quillen.

Voice work by Nanna Gunnars and Devon Talbott.

Market Consulting by Alexander King.

Additional Copywriting and Editing by James Case.


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