January 2, 2018


Introducing Dipid (Pink) and Kir (Yellow) , the newest additions to the Nobles of Sumer!


  • Six new Harvest tracks have been added to the game, replacing the music during the main phase. As you build up the board the music will now change to reflect the growth of your civilization!

  • Added player specific sounds effects that play when goats hit the score UI.

  • Increased the volume of some of Gugalanna's voice lines.



  • Golden Ram Update: The Golden Ram now doubles the points you would get from goats at the end of the game: 2 points for every three goats.

  • Staff of Anu Update: The Staff of Anu now grants you an additional resource in each ritual at the start of the year. This adds a dummy resource to both rituals (currently displayed by a clay) that counts only for majority.

  • The Staff of Anu and Golden Ram are now slightly more common in Four and Six year games.

  • Removed the chance for extra clay pits to appear in the Two year game auctions.

  • Breeding Pens may now appear in the 2nd auction of Four year games.

  • Goat Farms now cap out at 99 goats.



  • Sumer now recognizes Nintendo Switch controllers!

  • Taking over an AI will now show your control type.

  • Tapping the fallthrough input very quickly now lets you fall through the floor.

  • Slightly increased fallthrough input buffer time.

  • Improved precision of landing while falling quickly.

  • Can now control Credits using UP and DOWN.



  • Various performance improvements.



  • Added “Unjoin” control instructions to player homes on character select menu.

  • Removed ability to pause while sun is setting at end of the day.

  • Fixed a typo in the credits.



  • Favor tablets now explode when Favor hits the score UI.

  • UI discs for sleeping were remastered and are more noticeable and smooth.

  • Favor tablets now scale correctly when hitting Year Update .

  • Auction heads now jiggle when at max overbid.

  • Improved fonts for character names.

  • Widened background and added border to fix screen resolution issues.

  • Fixed borders on bread icons to match others.

  • Fixed font for “return to main menu” text on stats screen.

  • Replaced down joystick icon with a clearer version.

  • Added fix to screen resolution issue that could lead to a black screen under certain fullscreen conditions.

  • Added a “saving” icon.

  • Goat growth will no longer display when pausing.


August 25, 2017


Patch 0.30.01 Notes



  • Added new voice over lines for Inanna.

This is a complete replacement of temporary VO. Huge thanks go out to Auður for being the voice of Inanna for so long. We’re proud to have Nanna Gunnars joining the team and demanding sacrifice!

  • Added a track that will play while two or more players are overbidding.
  • A pause menu track will now play while the game is paused!



  • Added an “instant statue scoring” variant to the variants menu.

We felt like there wasn't enough incentive to fight statue heavy players in the auction late game and we hope this encourages all players to statues valuable at all points in the game.


  • Updated ritual pairings

We want rituals drawn during any given year to vary from each other, giving players the option to choose how they want to invest their actions and resources. We are also working on fine tuning year pacing.
Some rituals will no longer be able to appear if there are only 2 potteries or 2 breweries. This is to prevent rituals that require a ton of one resource from clogging up the progress of the year.


  • Bid rushing from the onset will now extend an auction round: If two or more players begin bidding at the start of the auction and have not stopped increasing their bid since the auction will continue, even after
    the timer has finished, until one player stops bidding.



  • If an input device is connected and is not paired with a player then a “Press [INPUT] to join” message will prompt players to take over AI.
  • Improved mouse controls for profile selection menu



  • Graphics now gives the option to pick an aspect ratio and screen resolution
  • Reshuffled some menu options’ placements (eg-moved Subtitles to Audio)
  • Improved legibility of menu text font
  • Top level menu has been aligned to the Ziggurat floors
  • Simplified some text and option formatting
  • Menu carrots now display in the color of the player that paused
  • The “Interact” room on Ziggurat Menu now has character highlight
  • Player homes on Ziggurat menu now prompt to select player. Standing in front of a home will also prompt you to pick a name
  • We’ve updated our credits with some amazing people!
  • Hint thought bubbles are now on by default and can be turned off in Gameplay menu under Options
  • Text on several auction cards have received improvements



  • Fixed rare issues with minimizing the game during tutorial select menu



  • Big Head mode has received some visual improvements
  • Changed the victory pose to be more exalted
  • Minor fixes to background goat behavior
  • Resource icons on workshops now darken when the shop is used.
  • Watermarks matching the pentagon and circle tokens have been added to rooms during room placement


Online Multiplayer

  • Did a whole bunch of invisible work getting this closer to being ready for public release.


April 3, 2017

Patch 0.25.1 Notes


  • Minor tweaks to the lowest level of AI to make it more friendly to new players.



  • Added improved Gugalanna lines.



  • Prevented some rituals from pairing.


  • Fixed bug preventing mouse players from picking a profile.

  • Fixed bug preventing mouse players from picking up placed buildings.


Menu Options

  • Full screen will now set your resolution to your monitor size.

  • You can now change graphics quality in the Graphics menu.



  • Fixed a bug that causes the slumber reward tracker to glitch.



  • Loading Screens only show controls for now.

  • Clarified controls of post-game menu.

  • Small visual tweaks to character select screen.

  • Corrected error in mouse control cheat sheet.

  • Added a visual safety precaution to prevent especially wide screens from showing outside the game.

  • Carrots work properly on the Variants menu.

February 15, 2017

Patch Notes


  • Improvements to AI behaviors.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing AI from using Enlil’s Decree to build out their territory.

  • Added safety measures to prevent rare storage overflow bug.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented AI from bidding during an auction where their player resigned.



  • Added full voiceover for Gugalanna during gameplay!

  • Temporary voiceover for Inanna’s lines has been added.

  • Added variance to Inanna’s lines that occur more than once a game.

  • Added audio feedback when mousing over menu options.



  • Each year is now assigned a group of rituals that it will select two from randomly.

  • Removed ritual pairing (at least for now) and designated several rituals as incompatible to improve each year’s matchup.

  • Added several new rituals to each year’s pool.


  • Locking a worker now prevents them from doing anything, period.

  • Improved mouse control throughout the game.

Game Modes

  • Fixed a bug that locked player spawns at the start of a game to their player order.

  • Added safety precautions to prevent a bug caused by staying awake on the last day of a game.

  • Statue Scoring no longer displays at the end of Room Placement if no player has a statue.

  • During local games, the game will automatically pause if the screen focus is switched.


Menu Options

  • Added an option to disable the sun’s rays to allow players to reduce the stress on their computer.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to run around the ziggurat while in the Variants Menu.

  • Removed pausing during the zoom onto a completed ritual.

  • Added ability to pause after an auction before everyone has woken up for Room Placement.



  • Improved text in tutorials to increase legibility.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented tutorial cards from turning off during a ritual zoom.

  • Improved sleeping permissions in some lessons.



  • Improved the positioning and look of message during demo mode.

  • Added new menu texts to improve compatibility at different resolutions.

  • Improved alignment of ‘standings’ image at end of game.

  • Fixed a bug that caused lines to appear in the river at different resolution sizes.

  • Fixed a bug caused when workers receive resources from a shop while already having something.

  • Added safety measures to fix permanent shop glow bug.

  • The Year Announcement during auctions now correctly reads “Auction”.

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to wake up momentarily after a ritual completed.

  • Small improvements to bird timing and flight pattern.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the thought bubble tips to always display


Known Bugs

  • Pausing can wipe the colors from the sleep tracker.

  • PS4 controllers have been reported to occasionally disconnect. We’re looking into whether this has to do with our input manager, specific operating systems or something else.

  • Some resolutions display cut-off menu elements around the edges of the screen. We’re still looking into which resolutions we need to make adjustments for.

  • On super rare occasions AI stop acting during Room Placement. You can’t expect your children to behave all the time, right? We’re trying to be good parents...

  • On rare occasions there have been alignment issues with the ritual text names.

  • The reference cards are out of position, displaying a border at the top.

  • Enabling and disabling full screen can cause weird full screen positioning, but it is fixed by disabling the option and then enabling it again.

  • The yeller at the start of the auction reads ‘year’ instead of ‘auction’ in some cases.

November 29, 2016

Patch 0.24.0 Notes


  • Added new taunts! Each player now has three taunts that are activated by pressing the taunt button and one of the action buttons.

  • Added controls tips for mouse, keyboard and XBOX controls to loading screens and “Rulebook” menu.

  • Removed the ability to pause when Inanna appears.

  • Fixed a bug causing controller input to lag slightly behind keyboard input.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented swapping buildings while sleeping.



  • Sweeping a ritual now grants x2 majority bonus, rather than 1 extra point for each resource.

  • Two Year games now have a limit of 2 epic statues.

  • Slightly reduced the chance of 3 Epic Statues in Six Year.


Game Modes

  • Added new rituals to Six and Four Year games.

  • Two Year games have more variety, allowing games to have Pottery, the Brick Kiln or both.

  • Players are no longer sent to bed during the first Building Phase in a game.



  • Streamlined when players are allowed to perform certain actions in tutorial.



  • Fixed a bug where the Hidden Auction variant froze the game.



  • A bird sometimes flies across the ziggurat!

  • Added a coveting animation for locking the front worker’s resource.

  • Added thought bubbles and animations for when characters are sent home at the end of a day or have workers while they sleep.

  • Updated Brick Kiln auction card with to reflect in-game sprite.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Bakery to occasionally begin with the same prize values in 2nd and 3rd place.

  • Fixed a bug where room darkness was in front of workers.

  • Goats now fly to your score UI in a clump, rather than one at a time.

  • Small messages now fade out when paused.

  • Fixed a bug in the kilns where the lock icon would remain on the kiln owner’s stack after another player locked the kiln out.

  • Fixed some minor issues with Z-axis of workers.

  • Reduced goat walk speed.

  • Updated the Goat Farm auction card to show 3 goats instead of 2.

  • Updated Credits list with additional Special Thanks.

Known Bugs

  • On some resolutions, there is a black through the river.

  • On some resolutions, tutorial menu elements are close to the screen edge.

  • Shop icons occasionally darken and light up during the tutorial.

  • The Z-axis of workers and resources occasionally shift.

  • In very rare instances, a placed worker may pass their held resource to an active worker.

November 10, 2016


Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug that caused AI to be significantly less aggressive in some auctions.



  • Fixed various bugs where sound effects did not play when intended.

  • Made thunder sound effect quieter.



  • Six Year game:

    • Epic Statues are now guaranteed to appear!

    • Moderately reduced the probabilities of Enlil’s Decree and Hired Hand in most years.

    • Significantly increased the chance of three Clay Pits and decreased likelihood of four.

    • Moderately increased likelihood of Staff of Anu and Golden Ram.

  • Four Year game:

    • Moderately increased the likelihood of Enlil’s Decree.

  • Made minor adjustments to probabilities of all items across games.

  • Added experimental version of ‘The Harvest’ with three tiers of variance.



  • Players can now swap resources between their workers and storage during the “Ready Set Go” countdown at the start of a turn.

  • Improved stickiness and vertical input detection of menu controls.

  • Remapped taunting to L1/L2 on Playstation and LB/LT on Xbox controllers.

  • Added resource rotation lock function to both R1/R2 on Playstation controllers and RB/RT on Xbox.

  • Join prompts on the character select will now only show connected inputs.

  • Disabled the ability to make your workers call out when placed in a shop.


Game Modes

  • Two Year games accessed from the main ziggurat now feature variable auctions, rituals and the Brick Kiln! Players can still access the Intro Game from the Tutorial menu.



  • Added an option to turn off ritual zoom effect when rituals are completed.

  • Added an option to enable or disable sharing analytics.

  • Temporarily removed option to enable ‘fast mode’.



  • Added five ‘Advanced’ tutorial lessons: Storage, Kilns, Overbidding, Statues and Unused Resources.

  • Overhauled the format of the tutorial select menu.

  • Edited text for typos and clarity.

  • Fixed a variety of tutorial-specific bugs and improved player permissions.

  • Slightly increased the AI’s aggressiveness at the start of the Bonuses tutorial.



  • Goats now roam the fields and walk across the title screen!

  • Replaced Epic Statue sprites with ‘gilded’ versions.

  • Updated statue icons in room placement mode to match new statues.

  • Divided the river into three waves that move at separate speeds.

  • Improved quality of Studio Wumpus splash screen at low resolutions.

  • Sharpened images of several hint cards.

  • Removed redundant tooltips for mouse controls.

  • Clarified input command tooltip for double jump.

  • Nobles now have standing animation after using the ‘pray’ taunt.

  • ‘Sumer’ now displays on the pause screen.

  • Fixed visual inconsistencies with the position of Blue’s head.

  • Fixed a bug where stars did not appear in the sky when playing an Intro game after doing tutorial lessons.

  • Repositioned workers to prevent their feet from sinking into the ground.

  • Fixed a bug where shops would sometimes continue to glow after being used by an AI.

  • Fixed a bug where a Barley occasionally became stuck in the center of the ziggurat.

  • Homes now have borders in tutorial lessons.

Known Bugs

  • During the tally of unused resources, the stacks in the Brick Kiln sometimes flicker.

  • Shop icons occasionally darken and light up during the tutorial.

  • The Z-axis of workers and resources occasionally shift.

  • In very rare instances, a placed worker may pass their held resource to an active worker.

  • Pausing when Inanna appears causes pause screen to appear bleached.

  • In very rare instances, the lock icon remains on the stack of a kiln’s owner the year after another player has locked out the kiln.