April 3, 2017

Patch 0.25.1 Notes


  • Minor tweaks to the lowest level of AI to make it more friendly to new players.



  • Added improved Gugalanna lines.



  • Prevented some rituals from pairing.


  • Fixed bug preventing mouse players from picking a profile.

  • Fixed bug preventing mouse players from picking up placed buildings.


Menu Options

  • Full screen will now set your resolution to your monitor size.

  • You can now change graphics quality in the Graphics menu.



  • Fixed a bug that causes the slumber reward tracker to glitch.



  • Loading Screens only show controls for now.

  • Clarified controls of post-game menu.

  • Small visual tweaks to character select screen.

  • Corrected error in mouse control cheat sheet.

  • Added a visual safety precaution to prevent especially wide screens from showing outside the game.

  • Carrots work properly on the Variants menu.

February 15, 2017

Patch Notes


  • Improvements to AI behaviors.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing AI from using Enlil’s Decree to build out their territory.

  • Added safety measures to prevent rare storage overflow bug.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented AI from bidding during an auction where their player resigned.



  • Added full voiceover for Gugalanna during gameplay!

  • Temporary voiceover for Inanna’s lines has been added.

  • Added variance to Inanna’s lines that occur more than once a game.

  • Added audio feedback when mousing over menu options.



  • Each year is now assigned a group of rituals that it will select two from randomly.

  • Removed ritual pairing (at least for now) and designated several rituals as incompatible to improve each year’s matchup.

  • Added several new rituals to each year’s pool.


  • Locking a worker now prevents them from doing anything, period.

  • Improved mouse control throughout the game.

Game Modes

  • Fixed a bug that locked player spawns at the start of a game to their player order.

  • Added safety precautions to prevent a bug caused by staying awake on the last day of a game.

  • Statue Scoring no longer displays at the end of Room Placement if no player has a statue.

  • During local games, the game will automatically pause if the screen focus is switched.


Menu Options

  • Added an option to disable the sun’s rays to allow players to reduce the stress on their computer.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to run around the ziggurat while in the Variants Menu.

  • Removed pausing during the zoom onto a completed ritual.

  • Added ability to pause after an auction before everyone has woken up for Room Placement.



  • Improved text in tutorials to increase legibility.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented tutorial cards from turning off during a ritual zoom.

  • Improved sleeping permissions in some lessons.



  • Improved the positioning and look of message during demo mode.

  • Added new menu texts to improve compatibility at different resolutions.

  • Improved alignment of ‘standings’ image at end of game.

  • Fixed a bug that caused lines to appear in the river at different resolution sizes.

  • Fixed a bug caused when workers receive resources from a shop while already having something.

  • Added safety measures to fix permanent shop glow bug.

  • The Year Announcement during auctions now correctly reads “Auction”.

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to wake up momentarily after a ritual completed.

  • Small improvements to bird timing and flight pattern.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the thought bubble tips to always display


Known Bugs

  • Pausing can wipe the colors from the sleep tracker.

  • PS4 controllers have been reported to occasionally disconnect. We’re looking into whether this has to do with our input manager, specific operating systems or something else.

  • Some resolutions display cut-off menu elements around the edges of the screen. We’re still looking into which resolutions we need to make adjustments for.

  • On super rare occasions AI stop acting during Room Placement. You can’t expect your children to behave all the time, right? We’re trying to be good parents...

  • On rare occasions there have been alignment issues with the ritual text names.

  • The reference cards are out of position, displaying a border at the top.

  • Enabling and disabling full screen can cause weird full screen positioning, but it is fixed by disabling the option and then enabling it again.

  • The yeller at the start of the auction reads ‘year’ instead of ‘auction’ in some cases.

November 29, 2016

Patch 0.24.0 Notes


  • Added new taunts! Each player now has three taunts that are activated by pressing the taunt button and one of the action buttons.

  • Added controls tips for mouse, keyboard and XBOX controls to loading screens and “Rulebook” menu.

  • Removed the ability to pause when Inanna appears.

  • Fixed a bug causing controller input to lag slightly behind keyboard input.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented swapping buildings while sleeping.



  • Sweeping a ritual now grants x2 majority bonus, rather than 1 extra point for each resource.

  • Two Year games now have a limit of 2 epic statues.

  • Slightly reduced the chance of 3 Epic Statues in Six Year.


Game Modes

  • Added new rituals to Six and Four Year games.

  • Two Year games have more variety, allowing games to have Pottery, the Brick Kiln or both.

  • Players are no longer sent to bed during the first Building Phase in a game.



  • Streamlined when players are allowed to perform certain actions in tutorial.



  • Fixed a bug where the Hidden Auction variant froze the game.



  • A bird sometimes flies across the ziggurat!

  • Added a coveting animation for locking the front worker’s resource.

  • Added thought bubbles and animations for when characters are sent home at the end of a day or have workers while they sleep.

  • Updated Brick Kiln auction card with to reflect in-game sprite.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Bakery to occasionally begin with the same prize values in 2nd and 3rd place.

  • Fixed a bug where room darkness was in front of workers.

  • Goats now fly to your score UI in a clump, rather than one at a time.

  • Small messages now fade out when paused.

  • Fixed a bug in the kilns where the lock icon would remain on the kiln owner’s stack after another player locked the kiln out.

  • Fixed some minor issues with Z-axis of workers.

  • Reduced goat walk speed.

  • Updated the Goat Farm auction card to show 3 goats instead of 2.

  • Updated Credits list with additional Special Thanks.

Known Bugs

  • On some resolutions, there is a black through the river.

  • On some resolutions, tutorial menu elements are close to the screen edge.

  • Shop icons occasionally darken and light up during the tutorial.

  • The Z-axis of workers and resources occasionally shift.

  • In very rare instances, a placed worker may pass their held resource to an active worker.

November 10, 2016


Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug that caused AI to be significantly less aggressive in some auctions.



  • Fixed various bugs where sound effects did not play when intended.

  • Made thunder sound effect quieter.



  • Six Year game:

    • Epic Statues are now guaranteed to appear!

    • Moderately reduced the probabilities of Enlil’s Decree and Hired Hand in most years.

    • Significantly increased the chance of three Clay Pits and decreased likelihood of four.

    • Moderately increased likelihood of Staff of Anu and Golden Ram.

  • Four Year game:

    • Moderately increased the likelihood of Enlil’s Decree.

  • Made minor adjustments to probabilities of all items across games.

  • Added experimental version of ‘The Harvest’ with three tiers of variance.



  • Players can now swap resources between their workers and storage during the “Ready Set Go” countdown at the start of a turn.

  • Improved stickiness and vertical input detection of menu controls.

  • Remapped taunting to L1/L2 on Playstation and LB/LT on Xbox controllers.

  • Added resource rotation lock function to both R1/R2 on Playstation controllers and RB/RT on Xbox.

  • Join prompts on the character select will now only show connected inputs.

  • Disabled the ability to make your workers call out when placed in a shop.


Game Modes

  • Two Year games accessed from the main ziggurat now feature variable auctions, rituals and the Brick Kiln! Players can still access the Intro Game from the Tutorial menu.



  • Added an option to turn off ritual zoom effect when rituals are completed.

  • Added an option to enable or disable sharing analytics.

  • Temporarily removed option to enable ‘fast mode’.



  • Added five ‘Advanced’ tutorial lessons: Storage, Kilns, Overbidding, Statues and Unused Resources.

  • Overhauled the format of the tutorial select menu.

  • Edited text for typos and clarity.

  • Fixed a variety of tutorial-specific bugs and improved player permissions.

  • Slightly increased the AI’s aggressiveness at the start of the Bonuses tutorial.



  • Goats now roam the fields and walk across the title screen!

  • Replaced Epic Statue sprites with ‘gilded’ versions.

  • Updated statue icons in room placement mode to match new statues.

  • Divided the river into three waves that move at separate speeds.

  • Improved quality of Studio Wumpus splash screen at low resolutions.

  • Sharpened images of several hint cards.

  • Removed redundant tooltips for mouse controls.

  • Clarified input command tooltip for double jump.

  • Nobles now have standing animation after using the ‘pray’ taunt.

  • ‘Sumer’ now displays on the pause screen.

  • Fixed visual inconsistencies with the position of Blue’s head.

  • Fixed a bug where stars did not appear in the sky when playing an Intro game after doing tutorial lessons.

  • Repositioned workers to prevent their feet from sinking into the ground.

  • Fixed a bug where shops would sometimes continue to glow after being used by an AI.

  • Fixed a bug where a Barley occasionally became stuck in the center of the ziggurat.

  • Homes now have borders in tutorial lessons.

Known Bugs

  • During the tally of unused resources, the stacks in the Brick Kiln sometimes flicker.

  • Shop icons occasionally darken and light up during the tutorial.

  • The Z-axis of workers and resources occasionally shift.

  • In very rare instances, a placed worker may pass their held resource to an active worker.

  • Pausing when Inanna appears causes pause screen to appear bleached.

  • In very rare instances, the lock icon remains on the stack of a kiln’s owner the year after another player has locked out the kiln.